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Tips for placing rugs in your home
area rugs

rug-area-rug3A good rug really ties a room together. You have invested quite a bit of time and money into your home attempting to make it as nice as possible. But now it s time to add the finishing touch to your great room where you have company or a foyer area where you hang up your coats and shoes. Here are some tips about what types of rugs go well in the rooms in your home.

Area rugs:

Area rugs are a nice touch to just about any room in your home, save for possibly the bathroom. A quality area rug can not only keep your cleaning time in that room to a minimum, but also serves to keep hardwood, marble, tile, or granite flooring warm on your feet in the winter. Modern rugs are a good selection for area rugs for those homes that have a more contemporary style. For older, more traditional homes, high quality antique rugs are a good choice. Area rugs are best suited for living rooms, dinning rooms, great rooms, parlors, foyers, and master bedrooms.

Interior rugs:

Interior rugs come in all shapes and sizes. This is good because rooms also have varying shapes and sizes. Libraries and guest rooms are usually in need of a good contemporary rug or Oriental rug. Oriental rugs are so lavish and elegant that your guest will undoubtedly comment on their beauty. Wool rugs suit bedrooms great: their durability and soft cushion provide the right balance of comfort and long lasting life.

Handmade rugs:

Handmade rugs deliver some of the very highest quality for rugs. Handmade rugs are meticulously stitched. These types of rugs are best suited in rooms that do not have a large volume of foot traffic such as a guest room that is rarely occupied or an office that is utilized by only one occupant. Keep in mind that just because these rugs are of such high quality that does not mean that you have to spend an arm and a leg to purchase them. Look for rugs on sale or better yet, buy online rugs. Many online rug sites offer excellent rugs at competitive prices and even offer to deliver/install your new rugs for you.

Your home is missing a piece of panache that only a fine rug can offer. Whether it is a European rug, Turkish rug, or silk rug, your rooms will come together excellently when you place a new rug in there.