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The Rugs And Carpet Of Iran
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persian-tabriz-rugIran, formally known as Persia, has a long history of rug making. The rugs and carpets made in this region are some of the world's best. The rugs are beautiful, well-made, soft and last for decades. This has led to the worldwide demand for Persian rugs. Within Iran there are specific regions, villages and peoples who are known for producing high-quality Persian rugs and carpets. Peoples like the Tabriz, Yalameh, Baktiari, Qum, Nain, Tabriz, Kashan, Kirman, and Isfahan turn luscious Persian wool into some of the world's finest rugs and carpets.

The Persian Mahal rug is one of the best known types of rugs in Iran. The modern Persian Mahal rug makers use the designs, the workmanship and the material are the same as those used to make Mahal carpets 75 years ago.

Another of Iran's top quality rugs are Yalameh rugs. These rugs are made in the villages near Shiraz in the southern section of Iran. The Kurds in Iran's northwest are also excellent weavers. Their best known work is the heavy bodied Bijar rugs. Baktiari rugs, with their garden designs, also have a large international market.

While some people like heavy bodied rugs, there are others who seek out the rugs woven in the Iranian cities of Isfahan, Kashan, Nain, Qum and Tabriz. The weavers in those cities are known for their finely knotted Persian rugs. Many of those peoples weave small amounts silk into their wool pile rugs. The rugs made by these peoples are considered some of the finest Persian rugs ever produced.

There is a wide array of Persian rugs. Some feature designs which reflect their tribal colors, designs and character. Other Persian rugs are formal and refined. Many are pile woven or flat-woven and are made using techniques developed over hundreds of years. Among the most sought after rugs are made in the southern Persia. The rugs are caked gabbehs and are prized for their intricate tribal designs.
Persian Tabriz rugs made in northern Iran are another fine example of excellent modern Persian rugs. These exquisite rugs are made using an average of 360 knots per square inch.

Another trend in the production and distribution of Persian rugs is the involvement of families. For example Sahar rugs made in southern Iran by the Qashgais people. The Zollanvari family markets Persian Gabbehs. The Miri family produces and markets fine Persian rugs made in traditional styles.