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The Palmette in Persian Rugs
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4_egg_palmettesThe Persian rug is a very popular type of rug, and although they can be rather expensive, they are by far some of the most comfortable and beautiful rugs still on the market. Just like all other rugs, Persian rugs come in all shapes, colors, sizes, and patterns. Some of them are solid colors, while others have beautiful floral designs weaved throughout the rug. One of the most popular designs used within a Persian rug is the Palmette. This pattern has been used and traced back through many different time periods. It has appeared in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, Ancient Oriental, and even Ancient Greece.

The Palmette is a design that takes on a stylized fan-shape, and it is one of the most common designs still used on all rugs, including Persian rugs. Generally, the design takes the shape of a lotus type flower, but it has never been proved that the pattern was derived definitively from the lotus flower. For instance, back in Ancient Oriental art, the Palmettes that appeared there also resembled a type of palm tree. In general, the Palmette is alternated in the patterns of the rug as border motifs, and they are used to accent different designs that are woven in the rugs as a more central design. The Palmette is one of the oldest designs in many different forms of art, but their patterns make a rug look more unique even with a common and simple central design.

However the Palmette now a days used on Persian rugs is a little bit different. Now instead of being alternated and used as border motifs on the rugs, the Palmette has taken on a whole new form and is now just merely spread and maneuvered around the entire rug as the actual decoration on the rug. The best thing about Palmettes is the fact that no two Palmettes are exactly alike. The reason behind this is because unlike other decorations that have definite patterns to go by, the Palmette is just a over-all type of design. So when looking for a new rug, take a gander and browse through the many different Palmette patterns that are offered to help with the originality of your home decor.