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The Finishing Touch: An Area Rug
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circular rugThere are many things that can be used to accent a room and add style, from small trinkets to large wall decorations, but one important aspect of decorating that should never be overlooked is the addition of an area rug. These have seemingly limitless options for colors and patterns, and a style that is growing in popularity is the area rug with a bold graphic design. This often includes bright or vibrant colors, contrasting combinations, and sharply angled designs. When used correctly, these rugs can make a room stand out, but when used in addition to uncoordinated furniture, this can make a room clash offensively.

Choosing the colors of a bold area rug is a very important step in adding one to a room. When looking at the room it will be added it, consider what the main and complimentary colors are that are in use. If the main color of a room is blue and the curtains are purple, selecting a rug that uses purple as the primary color can be ideal. Using colors that are already accenting the room can pull the whole room together, and the effect is so subtle that guests will not even notice a new addition; the room will simply feel complete.

If the furniture used in the room is soft and round, such as a plush couch and an oval-shaped coffee table, utilizing an area rug that has a pattern consisting of similar round shapes can be a simple way of matching the rug to the furniture. In contrast, if the furniture is sharp and straight, perhaps a leather sofa and square end tables, then an area rug that makes use of straight lines and dynamic angles can complement the room. There is no rule saying that only one style must be used; great designers can style a room with sharp and soft features.

Placement of these area rugs in the room is also important to consider. A bold graphic rug will draw the attention of guests who enter the room. When it is placed in an open space, it is more obtrusive and will stand out more. Underneath a table or similar piece of furniture, this rug becomes more of an accent for the room as opposed to a focal point. Awkward angles and positioning can alter the effect of an area rug, but when placed in a complementary space, they can be an effective source of decoration.