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Symbols Found In A Persian Qashqai Tribal Rug
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imagesArea rugs are a great way to accent any room. The trade of Persian rugs goes all the way back to the first trade routes. With these two factors both coming into play, and a growing number of beginner collectors, the question is often asked as to what the symbols and patterns on these beautiful works of art mean. As a rule they are fairly close in meaning, however, there is some variation depending on the tribe the rug originated from. Even more variation can be attributed to the meanings if color is also taken into account.

For a newly wed couple, or as an anniversary gift an area rug with two connected diamonds emblazoned upon it would make a great gift. A singular diamond refers to a woman, however, the adjoined diamonds indicate a man and woman joined in marriage. They could also enjoy the symbols for fertility. These can vary for men and women; there is one symbol known as the "berekt" which joins these two symbols. In this symbol one can see a man posing with his hands on his hips and a rams' horn. The hands on hips pose promotes female fertility while the rams' horn promotes male fertility.

Other very commonly found symbols are those of protection and religious symbols. Those whose attributes protect against an evil eye include the dragon, stars, and crosses. These are often believed to protect the household or owner against evil. A tree is looked upon as a desire to grow and follow the path of the divine, hands usually denote the rug is to be used for prayer. However, the variations in coloring can alter or strengthen the symbolic meanings of area rugs.

The two least used colors on authentic or traditional rugs are green and black. Green is seen as a holy color, this causes it to be used very sparingly; black, on the other hand, is usually only found in the outline. Black is a color believed to mourning or destruction. The more frequently used colors are red, blue, orange, yellow, white, gold, and brown. Respectively these colors stand for beauty, power, humility, joy, purity, power, and fertility.

As one can clearly see these area rugs are not mere works of art. Their true beauty lies within the intricate meanings, applications, and variations. The greater your knowledge becomes concerning the mysterious symbols and the peoples that originally created these masterpieces the more joy and pride each area rug produces; making these works of art much more than a decorative statement.