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Symbols and Colors Used in Persian Rugs
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rug_inspirationIf you're interested in purchasing a Persian rug for your home, there are a number of reasons to add this decorative touch to your space. The colors and symbols of the rugs all have significant meaning, which could help make your rug selection easier.

Black is a powerful color in Persian rugs. The hue represent authority and possibility. Black is also the color of mystery and can also been seen as a symbol of sophistication. A Persian rug that features lots of black is likely best if you're decorating a room that features modern variations of black and white.

Blue is a favorite color used in Persian rugs. It is a symbol of trust and commitment. It is believed that blue can also heighten a person's intuition. Blue is seen as a system of consistency, because it is the color of the sea and the sky. Bright blues are exhilarating, while darker forms of blues are especially refined.

Persian rugs often feature the color gold as well. This hue is associated with wealth and happiness. If you choose a gold Persian rug, you likely have a happy disposition and are optimistic about life.

Authentic Persian rugs often feature symbols that have significant meaning as well. For instance, camels on the rug equal wealth and prosperity, which is why many people choose rugs with a camel design for the main areas of their home.

A rooster or chicken on a Persian rug signifies protection from the evil eye. Homeowners may choose a rug with a chicken or rooster design to place in the family room as a symbol of protection for the people who live in the home. Individuals may also choose to put a chicken or rooster Persian rug in their business as a sign of protection from dealing that are not prosperous.

Finally, a Persian rug that features a dragon symbolizes power. Dragons are mythical creatures that are depicted as being authoritative and fear-inducing. A rug that features a beautiful and colorful dragon design is appropriate for areas like a home office, as it can serve as a source of motivation or strength when one is making business deals and working with clients.