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area rugs

front roomA rug can either make everything in a room look out of place or it can pull a room together, but finding a rug that matches the specific style you're going for can prove to be a challenge. These four tips can make the task less difficult:

You're likely going to have to pay for what you really like.
Good quality area rugs don't come cheap and chances are when you find one you really like, and one that's going to be perfect for your room, it'll potentially cost more than you wanted to spend. In order to get a rug that you like, that you can afford without skimping on quality, shop around first and avoid the larger designer area rug stores where you'll be likely to spend more.

Pick a theme and stick with it.
Even if your space has several matching themes, the area rug only has to match one. It doesn't have to match them all. If you have a particular color that only appears in several places around the room, look for a rug that matches those elements because the rug will definitely stand out in a good way.

The less color, the easier it is to match.
If most of your pieces consist of solid colors, regardless of what the colors are, it's usually easier when it comes to finding a matching rug. If you have a room that's filled with a vast array of colors and patterns, the wrong rug can just make the space look more chaotic and crowded. However, adding a different-colored rug from the rest of your pieces in an otherwise solid-colored room, can open a room up and create possibilities of incorporating that same color in several other pieces.

Don't match too much.
Too much of a good thing sometimes really is a bad thing and that can also apply to colors and patterns. If your room already heavily consists of patterns and different shades of color, minimize the pattern and color on the rug. If your pieces mainly consist of solid prints and colors, add a rug with a bold, bright (so long as it matches the general color scheme) rug to make the room really pop and stand out in a good way.

Finding matching area rugs for your space doesn't have to be difficult and by following the steps above, it can be a task you enjoy instead of a stressful one.