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Storing a Rug
area rugs

rug-storageStoring a rug, for whatever reason, should not be taken lightly. Assuming that you're taking the effort to store the rug with the intentions of preserving it, there are a few basic tasks that you'll need to follow in order to store your rug effectively (especially if you're storing authentic area rugs). Neglecting to do so could result in your rug suffering irreversible damages. This article will focus on some of those basic tips; as well as provide an in-depth look at how to accomplish them successfully.

1. Clean Your Rug

A dirty rug attracts all kinds of threats like vermin and insects; therefore, it's vital that you give it a thorough clean before storing it away. One easy way to clean it is to use a vacuum. There are other more complex methods that you should consult a professional for. Professionals have been trained to handle rug cleaning chemicals and to operate cleaning machines.

2. Protect Your Rug Against Harm

After your rug has been cleaned, you're going to need to protect it against moths. Moths have a way of finding little trafficked areas and making nests. One way that you can moth-proof your stored rug is to use professional commercial treatment on it. This will ensure that your rug isn't damaged while it's stored away.

3. Block Against Humidity

Humidity is another element that you should prepare against. Humidity has been known to ruin rugs while they're stored away by forcing them to curl at their edges. The best way to protect your rug against humidity is to store it in a dry location that isn't affected by fluctuating room temperatures. Whatever room you store it in, try to keep that room at a level temperature for the duration of its storage.

4. Roll Your Rug

The last thing that you want to do is to fold your rug. Folding it creates permanent creases that even the most state of the art machine will have a hard time eliminating. Instead, roll your rug into a complete cylinder-like shape. Once it has been rolled, tie it in place using twine or some other like product.

5. Protect Your Rug Against Dust

Dust can ruin the authenticity of your rug. If left untouched in an exposed area for an extended period of time, the dust that will inevitably linger on the rug will also take away the rug's vibrancy. The one surefire way to take away this risk it to wrap the rolled rug into plastic. Depending on what type of rug you have (tabriz rug, silk rug, tibetan rug) you might need to do something different. If this is you, please consult a professional.

Now that you know how to effectively store away your area rug, you can be rest assured that it will last from generation to generation.