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Rugs As Wall Displays
area rugs

UnknownThe interior designer with impeccable taste or the meticulous home decorator wants something unique hanging on the walls of their home or home design. You can spend all day purchasing pictures or painting walls, but when you invest in an area rug as a wall display, you're investing not only the look of your home but your guests' perceptions of your home.Imagine the possibilities when you purchase an area rug that usually doesn't get seen because it's on the floor. You can forgo wall color altogether and put a colorful and expensive rug on the wall for all to see.

In some parts of the world, area rugs and tapestries are considered works of art. You can't enjoy a work of art if you're trodding on it all day long. Instead of walking all over an expensive creation, hang that expensive creation on the wall.

The interior designer who wants to bring a little bit of spice to an office space can use a nice area rug as a centerpiece of a reception area of conference room. Every space must have a conversation starter, and there's nothing better than a beautiful piece of art that a businessman might think his wife will enjoy.

Don't stop yourself with just one rug or one room. Some rugs suit a wall adjacent to the kitchen better than they do the living room. You could even go so far as to hang the rug from the ceiling in a foyer or hallway with a raised ceiling. Anything that brings life to a room is welcome, and area rugs are the sorts of piece that work well as flooring and as tapestry for the enjoyment of everyone who enters the room.

Consider the color choices you have in area rugs. There are so many colors, styles, and shapes to choose from that you have endless possibilities. So much so that you could have a completely different rug in every main room of the house.

Using rugs as wall displays is not a new concept, but if it's a new concept to your home or designs, bring it into the fold today.