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Rug-Eating Bugs And What To Do About Them
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74521Rug eating bugs can be a huge problem, especially if you have just bought an expensive new rug for your living room or bedroom. It is important to be vigilant, and to take the following precautions:

Vacuum Thoroughly and Regularly

Some of these rug eating bugs are hard to spot. They will hide in the smallest and quietest spots in the room, and will remain motionless until it is completely dark. They will be more active in corners or behind curtains where they are not visible.Make sure you vacuum your rug thoroughly twice over every day, and ensure that you vacuum the corners of every room so that you do not miss any obvious spots. If your rugs are not too large, you may want to take them outside and dust them out

InsecticideIf you have noticed rug beetles or other bugs around your house then it is a good idea to get the appropriate insecticide spray. Ensure that you do some research about the specific type of rug eating bugs that may be in your house. This will give you a chance to get the most effective insecticide in dealing with them and their eggs. Spray this insecticide once a week, or every time you vacuum, depending on the scale of the problem.

Regular Washes

Send your rugs to a rug cleaning professional at least once a year. If you are worried that you may have bugs in your house, or if you have dirtied the rug a great deal, twice a year is also a good idea. Do not simply wash the rug at home or have someone come by. It is best to send the rug away so that it can get professional treatment and be returned good as new.

If you think that professional treatment is too expensive, ensure that you thoroughly wash both sides of the rug OUTSIDE of your house. After they have been properly washed on both sides, leave the rug in a sunny area for a few days so that it can dry thoroughly. The heat will also ensure that any leftover bugs or bug eggs are killed.

How to Properly Store Rugs

The biggest mistake people make is storing their rugs in the wrong way. Ensure that the rug is vacuumed on both sides, washed, and sprayed with insecticide before wrapping it within a new plastic bag. Wrap it in a manner that does not allow any bugs to get in or out, and store it in a spacious closet.