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Rug and Furniture Placement
area rugs

front roomThat area rug was beautiful in the store, but now it's in your living room. How should it fit in the room? Does it go under the furniture? Does it go against the wall?

Fitting the Rug to the Room
It is important that the rug fit the room. Too large or too small will make the entire room look out of scale. Measure the room to determine the appropriate size. Some designers like to leave eighteen inches of bare floor between the rug and the wall. Others like for the rug to cover two-thirds of the floor space.

Furniture On Or Off the Rug?
There are three rules of thought about placement of furniture on an area rug.

  • Front legs only on the rug
  • Entire piece of furniture on the rug
  • No legs on the rug

Of these three rules, you will adopt the one that most enhances the size of your room and rug. An area rug is intended to pull a seating arrangement together. A grouping of a sofa and two chairs should sit equally on the rug. One piece of the arrangement should not be sitting on the rug while the other pieces are completely off. With each piece of furniture relating to the rug in the same way, the rug enhances a group of furniture rather than one piece.

In the bedroom, consider placing the rug under the lower two-thirds of the bed. This would be the area you would walk to get into or out of bed. When it comes to nightstands and dressers, again determine which rule best fits your room and apply it to all furnishings.

An area rug in the dining room should be large enough for guests to slide chairs out from the table while remaining on the rug. To determine the appropriate size, measure your table, including the extra leaf, and add 18-24" to all four sides.

Always choose the seating arrangement before choosing the rug. Before making a final choice, examine the pattern of the rug carefully. If too much of the pattern will be hidden beneath furniture, you may want to choose another rug.

A well fitting and well placed area rug can make an otherwise mundane room look classy, expensive, and inviting.