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Rock and Drool Review: Area Rug From MedallionRug.Com
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Medallion Rug Gallery - Area RugsMy husband and I have bought and thrown out a bazillion area rugs. For various reasons. Two main ones, however kids and animals.

So, for the last couple years, our family room has been without any form of area rug, just a bare, cold, plain, boring wood floor.

Since the kids have gotten older, we started to look at rugs again. Except, we haven t been able to agree on anything.

Recently, I was approached by a PR company who asked if I d like an area rug in exchange for a review. Well, you know me, I don t take many reviews. BUT I went onto the site and looked at the rugs they offered. And I jumped at the opportunity! has some of the most gorgeous area rugs I have ever seen. Ever. In my entire life.

I mean gorgeous!

So, after I found out my price limit, which for full disclosure was $1500, I found one the exact size and colors I needed. AND LOVED.

Medallion Rug Gallery - Area Rugs

It s gorgeous, don t ya think?

This beautiful Handmade Knotted Rectangular area rug is approximately 8 x 12. It s HUGE. It s considered to be a New Contemporary area rug from their large collection of handmade area rugs and is made with wool.

Based on the site, I worried a bit about the quality. Because, Medallion Rugs has some uber expensive rugs, like in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. And, I wondered if a lesser expensive rug would be lesser quality.


It s soft. It s exquisite. It s the most beautiful quality. The details are amazing.

Here, look up close.

Medallion Rug Gallery - Area Rugs

And this, too.

Medallion Rug Gallery - Area Rugs

I couldn t be more thrilled with this area rug.

It s an heirloom piece, for sure. If my dogs, cats and children don t ruin it first.

So, if you re in the market for a new area rug, I absolutely, without a doubt, recommend They are located in Palo Alto, California. You can find them on Facebook and on the web.

Disclosure: I was offered this $1500 exquisite area rug in exchange for an honest review. And honest is what I do. I was not offered any money in exchange for this review. Just the rug. And I swear, I love it. Like, love it. With all my heart. It s the most gorgeous area rug I ve ever owned. The end of my disclosure.

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