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Properly Store an Area Rug
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rug storageExtend the life of your area rug with proper storage. Area rugs are prone to becoming faded and worn, but with the right storage techniques one will be able to extend the life of any beloved area rug.

Before storing the area rug it is important to clean it. Use the vacuum to remove any debris or dirt. If the area rug is stained, a steam cleaner can be used to remove them. This step is important because dirt and stains that are stored with the rug may become more difficult to remove after a period of time.

Now that the area rug is clean, it is now time to roll it. Using a cardboard rug tube or archival tube, tightly roll the rug. Rolling compared to folding is a better choice because it prevents creases and wrinkles from appearing.

Using a rope or string of cloth, tie the rug. This will prevent the rug from unraveling. Make sure that the rug is tied securely enough so that it does not unravel and loose enough so that it does not cause an indentation.

Once the rug is tied securely, it is time to store it. Try to avoid rooms that do not allow temperature control. A room that is cool and dry would be a great place to store the area rug. If there comes a time of the year when the humidity becomes high, use a fan or humidifier to circulate the air in the room. This will help to prevent the development of mildew. Storing the rug in direct sunlight should be avoided. Direct sunlight can easily fade the rug. If the rug will be stored in a place of direct sunlight, use a blind or curtain to block out the sunlight.

Try to store the area rug on a shelf or in a plastic box instead of the floor. Storing the rug on the floor can cause the area rug to become home to insects and beetles.

Storing the area rug is only half the battle, each month try take out time to properly check the rug. Unravel the rug to reveal if any bugs, dirt, or debris has gotten on it. If so clean the rug and properly restore it.