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Plants and Oriental Rugs
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oriental-rug-wedding-reception-decorations-potted-plant-centerpiecePlants are a wonderful decorative item. Not only do they add some wonderful colors and shapes to the overall design scheme, especially when they are in bloom, but they also add oxygen and deal with some local pollution. However, when it comes to area rugs they add some potential challenges to the maintenance of those rugs, usually in the form of additional dirt and water. There are a number of different ways to deal with those challenges that actually add to the life of the area rugs in question, provided that the owner is willing to do some planning to deal with challenges.

Persian rugs make for some of the biggest challenges when it comes to maintenance. Most of them are antique rugs, meaning that they do not have the protections of modern rugs. They lack the stain protection and water resistance common to modern rugs; because of that, owners tend to take more care of them and act more nervous around children and pets. Interestingly, Persian rugs actually do well under stress and tend to do well under situations that make modern rugs worry. Combined with a local rug repairer, the rug is likely to last a long time.

For those that are worried about possible damage to their wool rugs due to plants, there are some basic precautions to consider. Dirt is a major issue, especially the specially treated soil that is high in nutrients and allows for better water absorption. Normal soil is easy to clean up and comes out easily enough without staining the rug. Even if it is ground into the rug, it can come out with a little care. Planters soil creates its own problems, as it is harder to get out and may quickly bury itself in the rug. It is highly advised that you spread out newspapers in order to catch the soil, assuming that you do not just take care of adding soil elsewhere.

Water damage is another issue to watch out for when it comes to any kind of wool rugs. The most obvious protection is to treat the rug for water; this is easy to accomplish and only takes enough time for the spray to dry. A better solution is to avoid over-watering in the first place as it protects the floor as well from water damage. With a little care it is possible to save your Persian rugs from most damage; you just need to be aware of the challenges and plan for then, especially when those challenges from other decorative items.