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Pet Soiling on Rugs
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bad doggyHave you ever had a pet soil on your area rug, making a disaster out of your rug? There are many ways in which a person can clean up after their pet's mess without ruining a rug. A person can get an area rug clean again, but one has to work fast before any damage is done. Cleaning up accidents is easy and can be done by any person if they have the necessary tools and products. The following are a few ways to clean up after your pet if they ever soil your rug.

Consider the many types of accidents a pet could have on an area rug, as pets can make several different types of messes around the house. They could make different types of messes such as urinate, defecate, and vomit on a specific spot inside a home. Worse of all, they tend to do these things on significant areas such as like on an area rug. It is very important to get rid of these pet accidents, as a pet tends to do the same mess again on the same area due to instincts.

Pet urine can be erased from an area rug by using a wet absorbent, such as a mop or a sponge. Soak up these with the absorbent items and dispose of these as soon as possible. Although the soaked part of the area is gone, the odor will still remain. One must acquire bacteria and enzyme digesters that are designed to eliminate strong odors. If a small amount of odor is still in the air, a person can use baking soda to completely eliminate the odor. These are just some of the many ways to remove urine from an area rug.

Pet feces can be more problematic to remove than urine, as feces tend to stick more onto a carpet. Although this may be true in most cases, fecal matter can be easily removed just like urine. Simply using a flat object such as a piece of cardboard and sliding up the feces can remove it from the rug without leaving any markings. After removing the feces, use an absorbent to pick up any left liquids from the feces. Both urine and feces can be easily removed by a person without the help of a professional.