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Persian Tribal Rugs in a Contemporary Home
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camelhairContemporary furnishing is a modern minimalistic approach to interior design. The key to this sort of d cor is open spaces. Clean lines, neutral colors, and nature inspired themes add sleek sophistication to any house or room. Stripping a living room or kitchen down to a bare minimum may look good on the eyes, but if done incorrectly, it can have an un-lived-in, museum-like effect. The trick is to add a touch of comfort to contrast the contemporary.

Persian tribal rugs are handmade antique carpets that can really set off the look of a contemporary house. These rugs are handcrafted and imported from Persia and are adorned with beautiful tribal designs. The contrasting color schemes are sure to liven up stripped down hard wood flooring and create a more lived in atmosphere.

Large chairs resting on small wool rugs says contemporary and lived in at the same time. For those with a more romantic sense of style, tribal persian rugs with brilliant floral patterns are not hard to come by. Intriguing weaves of wool rugs and silk rugs are a great compliment to a modern interior. You could always play it safe and pair your d cor with matching contemporary rugs, but tribal Persian rugs make a much bolder statement.

These luxurious area rugs are available in neutral colors that match contemporary d cor. They are the perfect backdrop for a boring wall and the ideal way to showcase a contemporary plant rack. Tribal rugs are also a subtle way to add a pop of color to an otherwise earth-toned room. Feel free to mix and match round rugs with square rugs and bold colors with neutral tones.

An interesting place to position a tribal Persian rug is in a contemporary styled bathroom. A contemporary bathroom setup can remain simplistic if the accessories are eye catching and unique. A solitary candle resting beside the tub on a tribal rug will speak volumes. These handmade rugs are soft under bare feet, and compliment neutral flooring which makes them an ideal addition.

Contemporary decorating can be done with style and flare by incorporating many different styles of area rugs into your d cor. Trying tribal Persian carpeting can be both inspiring and exciting. The end result is a minimalistic space with an amazing tribal touch.