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Optimal Rug Configurations for Bedrooms
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bedroom-area-rug-cv2Bedroom rug configurations are usually determined by the placement of the bed, the main piece of furniture in the room. The bed may be placed with the headboard and foot of the bed facing the door, parallel to the door or placed diagonally to the door. Naturally, all the other aspects of decorating the room center on the placement of the bed. That includes the placement of all interior rugs. They will either be placed near the bed and/or the sitting area. In a children's room area rugs may be placed in the play area also.

Rugs Placed Near the Bed

Rugs are always decorative, but when most people step out of bed they want to touch a warm, soft and welcoming surface. A cold barren floor is a shock to the system just after awakening, yet when bare feet touch soft wool rugs or silk rugs; it is a very nice transition from lying to standing. You hardly notice the difference from lying in your warm bed to standing on the floor when you're standing on soft Kashan rugs, handmade from superior quality wool. The rug is often placed parallel to the bed with a few inches under the bed and the majority of the rug covering the visible floor. Since most rugs are rectangular, the longest side of the rug is often parallel to the longest length of the bed. Contemporary rugs are frequently placed at the foot of the bed, accentuating seating or a trunk.

Defining Other Areas in the Bedroom

The bedroom being decorated could be a very large space divided into a sitting or lounge area, a writing area or private office, a study or play area. These areas could be defined by partial walls. Another way to define a space is with Persian rugs or European rugs in various shapes, such as round, square or octagonal. The rug should be large enough and shaped according to the furniture and the space used. A small reading area might be defined with 2 arm chairs, an occasional table and a round or octagonal area rug.

The configurations of your bedroom rugs are dependent upon the furniture and the use of the total space. Space your area rugs in a manner which displays their design well and doesn't require overlapping rugs. Interior rugs that are well spaced in the bedroom help define the area's use. Add furniture, accessories and paint or wall paper to highlight the fact that the area is for a specific purpose. Then make use of the bedroom designed and configured to meet your needs.