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On the Fringe: Fringed Rug Styles
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fringed rugFringed rug styles have come back into fashion, but we must consider what they represent in today's design market. The fastidious interior designer and the homeowner/businessowner who wants to decorate can get a great deal of "pop" from a fringed rug when they use it in the right places.

Fringed Is Not Just FeminineFringed rugs are not simply rugs for feminine spaces. Assigning a gender to a rug doesn't make much sense in today's world, but you can easily use the rug to suggest something much more subtle.Instead of the feminine overtones of the fringed rug, imagine the fringed rug as a "feminine touch." The guy who has a very masculine office might have a dark-colored fringed rug, suggesting he is married and it was his wife's touch to the room. Perhaps a boardroom can seem a little bit less sterile with a fringed rug underneath the conference table. It's a nice way of saying "everyone's welcome."


Fringed Is Not Just Fancy

If you're imagining the First Lady's office or a high tea room, then you've found the perfect place for a fringed rug. However, that's not the only good place for a fringed rug. The family room can host a fringed rug because the family room is an amalgam of the family. Dad's leather chair, Mom's choice of coffee table, Sister's rug choice. All of these things come together in one design.


Fringes Also Hang Well

When you think of having a rug as wall art, remember that the fringes will hang from the rug and create a nice image. Because the fringes move when they are not laying on the ground, a rug that serves as a wall display offering a certain sense of movement to a room that you might not get from a standard painting or wall color. Consider using fringed rugs as tapestries for a more artsy look.

Fringed rugs are the perfect foil for many different styles of design, and each one can come out perfectly with the right rug. All you have to do is choose the occasion, choose the colors, and choose the right placement. Use rugs for more than walking.