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Needlepoint Rugs - Then And Now
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NP, Stitching needlepoint, Magnified image, RSNDone with love, care and precision, needlepoint rugs can be contemporary or vintage. In days gone by, needlepoint rugs were very popular. Women usually were able to do the needlepoint themselves; many had servants to do the chores, thus their time could be used for the decorative arts.


Often in soft and neutral colors, patterns reflect floral-inspired motifs, often with a central bouquet. Done lovingly by hand, each stitch is carefully added and put in the canvas background. One can find a variety of vintage needlepoint rugs in sizes that range from runners to room size area rugs. European vintage rugs were often associated with royalty and even today, in homes such as the 500 year-old Althorp home, Princess Diana's family, a splendid floral needlepoint rug can be found.


Needlepoint rugs done today can reflect nature, floral motifs or patterns influenced by the vintage rugs of the past. They can add drama to a room as well as a romantic ambiance.Backgrounds in a contemporary needlepoint rug may be black. One San Francisco society homeowner had a custom rug, designed by a local artist, with a butterfly motif, one of her favorites, and dark background. She was then prepared to stitch the rug herself, as she had the time and love of needlepoint. With a magnificent skyline view of San Francisco surrounding the room, the butterfly needlepoint rug was a warm addition to her contemporary home.Beautiful needlepoint rugs can be purchased today that will add drama, romance and a hint of nobility to a home. Millions of hand stitches come together to create rugs based on the original designs of the English, Spanish, Russian, French and others. Vines, trellises, flowers, birds, animals, gardens, marble, frescoes, geometric motifs, and other styles, some of which are based on 17th and 18th century textiles, are part of the needlepoint rugs available today. Sturdy and beautiful, delicate colors such as Wedgewood or cornflower blue might be found. Subtle coloration might be achieved through dying methods of the wool that are based on the past, yet are safe for pets and children.The needlepoint rug is no longer just found in antique shops. Today's rugs add drama and beauty to a room and are often the starting point of a theme or color scheme.