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My Wonderful Discovery!
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Medallion Rug Gallery - Area RugsI am known for my love of Checks! Black and White or, Black and Tan, Wonderful checks in general! So when I came upon this Wonderful Discovery! of an area rug website that had my love for checks in the form of a rug, I was overjoyed! I have painted Checks on this old tea kettle and pottery pitcher. And this cake cover stand. I have checks inside the cabinets. So, Imagine how thrilled I was to receive my area rug and know that it fit right in with my decor! The area rug coordinates with my bar stools and the round area rug under my dining room table.

Now let's talk quality! This beautifully woven area rug is almost as beautiful on the back as the front. It's very thick and plush, soft and durable too! And now, this Wonderful Discovery! is looking great with all my checks! You too can find a Wonderful Discovery! just by searching

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