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My Spot
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4Men1Lady_AsSeenInI have a spot. And I spend more time there than any other spot on earth. A lot of things happen at this spot. Not only do I prepare meals but I serve meals AND eat my meals standing in this spot. This long stretch of dirty, dented and worn kitchen floor is MY spot. A command central of sorts.

Besides cooking and eating, I council with my family, pray, dance, entertain guests, blog, sometimes yell, help with homework all at this spot. I m a mother and this is my spot. I love that I have a spot. My life s most important work is being lived and recorded in this very spot.

My spot is getting a new outfit to cushion my tired feet. I ve been searching for a new area rug for 2 years that would be perfect for my spot. It s due to arrive any day but I m so darn excited I had to share. I ll share pics of my new area rug as soon as it gets here but until then here s a sneak peak.

Do you have a spot ?









Originally published in 4 Men 1 Lady (opens in new window) on September 30, 2013