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Mad Men Inspired Rugs
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bob oconnor photography living room noguchi table floor to ceiling windows mid century modern white shag rug red florence knollkl womb chair modernIt is not uncommon for furniture, accessories, and clothing to be inspired by movies or popular television shows. A show like Mad Men, with its popularity, is sure to inspire furnishing and accessories. Mad Men inspired rugs are becoming easy to find and are a subtle nod to a favorite TV show.

Mad Men is set in the nineteen sixties. Many rugs inspired by the show Mad Men are brightly colored. The designs for these rugs not only come from the show, but also come from actual rugs and rug patterns from the nineteen sixties. These rugs have bold colors, bright lines and bold shapes. Even the more conservative rugs have emphasized lines and outlines. These rugs also have very geometric shapes, not common to rugs of prior decades.

If this is the type of rug you are looking for, then the best place to start looking will most likely be online. Local carpet and rug shops may have what you want, but the rug may have to be custom ordered and that could get very costly very quickly. Looking at specialty rug shops online may be a good place to start. Online rug dealers will provide you with the rug's dimensions, as well as the type of material it is made from. The rug's cost and the available shipping options should be provided up front. Shipping a rug can get expensive, so choose a shipping option that fits your budget. Online shopping can be a fantastic way to shop for your Mad Men inspired rug, so long as you keep your budget in mind.

Remember to check into your seller's warranty and return polices. If you are going to invest in a Mad Men inspired rug, you want to be sure you are covered if something goes wrong with your rug. Don't buy from any rug dealers whose policies seem suspect or make you feel uncomfortable. If a good thing seems too unbelievable or too shaky to be true, it probably is. Only shop with a dealer who has a return or damage policies that you really can live with. Always make sure that you can see these policies in writing.

Once you have found a rug dealer and agree to the shipping policy, then all that stands between you and your Mad Men inspired rug is time. When your rug arrives, you can happily make it the centerpiece of whatever room in your home that inspires you.