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Living Room Wishlist
area rugs

My biggest downfall is that I m just about the most impatient person. in. the. world. I don t want to spend six weeks doing something, I want to spend six minutes. I can be patient while waiting for change to come, but once the ball starts rolling I want it done yesterday. It motivates me (and, well, my husband) to work at lightning speed. That part is an absolute blessing. Then there is the curse of it all when I get overwhelmed because I can t see progress. Sigh.

So I ve known for a long time that we wanted to do our living room floors similar to those in our kitchen & bedroom. Those floors make me swoon, even after several years of living with them. Little on earth can make me do that.

Because our couch was showing signs of age, I decided it was finally time to tackle the slipcover. The slipcovers kind of set the ball in motion for me to want to finally finish up the living room. I mean how long should it really take to finish a room? Five years? Then I m on the right track.

With slipcovers in place and floors on the way, I wanted to bring in a few new fun elements to make the space more me. My first purchase towards pulling it all together was a pair of these side tables.

Let s chat about these a sec, m kay? I originally wanted some bright pink ones (and now for the life of me I can t remember why.) I had seen them on clearance, and went on a mission to find a pair of them. We were scouring Huntsville, Target hopping, and I found one of the pink ones. I knew there were several more stores we could hit, so we bought the one and hoped for the best.

Before we made it out of the store I found these and fell in love. But, the pink tables were $9.99 the gold was $69.99. I drooled a bit and moved on, because I really didn t want to spend $70 for a side table. We all know Goodwill is full of $10 tables.

So we move on and hit a couple of more stores, and finally find the second pink table. Directly across the aisle was the gold table, on the shelf, marked $17.98. Seriously. Same table, same brand, in another Target $50 cheaper. I scooped up two of them and sent Mr. SCC back to the truck to grab the first pink table we bought so we could return it. When we got to the service desk, it rang up $69.99. I politely told her it was marked on the shelf for $17.98 (and yes, we checked the tag). She sent someone to check and I was right. So we bought the pair for the cheap price, saving myself $100. And this is why you should always check price tags.

Side tables are the place to go cheaper, so you can save your budget to buy things that are better like furniture. These are my current living room wishlist chairs. At $388 it s a little more than I would normally pay, but I m learning that some things are worth the investment. My only concern is that they aren t exactly slip cover friendly. But, man, they d look great next to my couch, huh?

My last dream item is this area rug. Buying rugs scares me, but buying a good area rug can last you longer than a car, so it s an investment. And, honestly, I d get more use out of it than I do my truck. I m at home all day, every day, and I would walk on it about 80 billion times a year. My truck gets a drive to Publix and Lowe s once a week and mostly sits in the drive way the other six days of the week. Justification. Over an area rug. Have mercy.

The savings on the DIY floors will make up the difference, right? Hmmm

Are you room dreaming? What s on your wish list?








Originally published in The Shabby Creek Cottage (opens in new window) on September 28, 2013.