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Living Room Area Rug Design Ideas
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Living-Room-Area-RugLong ago, a person would braid rugs, which were fairly easy to make once the three strands were together.
A person would take the strands of materials and braid them together displaying it's colors. It was interesting to pick out the various colors and materials, which were scraps sewn together. Several women would meet to work on their projects, or to help someone else. These homemade rugs were heavier than most rugs today because they were made with three strands: but they were contemporary rugs for the time they were created. A rug was the most practical creation, and was a lot of fun.

Area rugs for the living room, come in many sizes, shapes, materials, such as wool rugs, which require special treatments. For example, they cannot be cleaned with hot water; they will require special cleaning procedures. One must be careful to keep them dry because wool rugs will last a long time and keep their shape if proper care is given.

Modern rugs include the vestibule rugs, runners, squares, rectangular rugs, or a simple throw rug which adds color to the decor of the living room. If the living room is designed in earth tones, for example, many colors and designs are available. A nice thing to have by the door is a living room rug which is washable and lays down flat. There's nothing better than to shake it outside everyday, and wash it periodically. This is the handiest way to keep a rug looking brand new. Hot water or the wrong laundry detergent may cause shrinkage or fading to the living room rug.

Some people like to have hardwood floors in their living room so they can purchase a large area rug. There are many sizes and shapes that can make the living room look nice: round rugs with fringe always provide a backing to keep the rug from sliding. Rugs that have a nylon fringe seem to lay down perfectly. A colorful nylon rug secured on a hardwood floor adds warmth, and enhances the entire room. These can be taken to the dry cleaners when appropriate.

Living room rugs come in all sizes, shapes and colors: and add so much to the living room. It's exciting to find various designs, and pick out the rugs appropriate to the design and decor of the living room; since people like to visit and enjoy their surroundings.