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medallion rug
medallion rug
medallion rug
medallion rug
medallion rug
medallion rug

Life In A Venti Cup: Grounded
area rugs

VentiCup_AsSeenInOften an afterthought, a fabulous rug or floor design can truly make a room sing. Making the floor a centerpiece is a delicious designer "tell" that separates the greats from the rest of us. Take Mary McDonald, for example. Whether they are covered in custom rugs or painted, proud Mary never lets an opportunity pass to make a dynamic design play underfoot. It takes a deft hand to keep these bold graphic designs from dominating a space visually, but Mary handles such challenges with aplomb.

While the examples bellow are quite modern, I've always envisioned a massive and somewhat more traditional oushak area rug in my dining room. I credit much of this to my desire to stay within my creative comfort zone. Mary fancies the "edge" and tension created by use of bold geometry and I like my designs to be a bit more lyrical and classical. To me, oushak rugs offer instant patina and pedigree to a space. Qualities often hard to find on the showroom floor.

Horchow carries a few sensational options when it comes to rugs like this beauty, as do many other online merchants. The dilemma? Selecting a carpet or rug is not unlike dating. It takes a bit of looking to find "the one" for you. But when you find it, it's like kismet. You just "know." This means you mustn't be afraid to spend some time browsing web sites that offer a wider range of options.

After a bit of research I've come across a breathtaking specimen that I can't get out of my head.

This beautiful area rug from Medallion Rug offers a classic medallion pattern and has a sun-bleached time-worn quality I've been seeking. It is largely beige and gold but offers bits of ocean blue that make it too pretty to resist. Isn't she lovely? I can't get this marvelous creature off my mind. I love it when my rugs to look less like recent purchases and more like a treasured acquisitions, don't you? This massive handknotted Persian masterpiece certainly fits the bill.

So what about you? Are you into bold floor designs or do you prefer to keep your rugs understated and classic?






Originally posted in Life In A Venti Cup (opens in new window) by Franki Durbin on September 18, 2013.