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Indo-Sarouks: Sarouk Rugs from India
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sarouk rugSarouk rugs are a kind of Persian rug. Originally, they were made in the Arak weaving district of central Iran. They are often considered to be some of the most beautiful carpet designs from the East. Their popularity waxed and waned over the centuries but the designs were continually produced in the area.

During the early 1900s, the rugs gained a new popularity. American importers had the rugs over-dyed with more vibrant colors of garnet and salmon pink. The dyes were unsafe and the practice has been discontinued. Typical colors are more naturalistic and earthy. They are soft and never garish. Field colors are typically cream or indigo. Pale red fields with floral motifs in many shades of orange, green and brown are also common.

Luxurious Sarouk area rugs are considered to be the most classically patterned of Persian carpets. Sarouk rug designs are exemplified by brightly colored floral bouquet motifs. They are made both with or without a medallion center. Curvy vine-scrolls and rich worked arabesque designs are intermixed with floral bouquets. Sometimes, small bushes and animals or other rural details will be worked into the rugs. Many have even spacing between each artfully depicted subject in the all-over Herati design. Medallion-and-corner patterns are popular, too. The floral patterned area rugs are the most sought after of designs.

An Indo-Sarouk area rug should have a dense pile that feels like rich velvet. The wool is soft but holds up to wear very well. The pile is clipped closely on most rugs but is left longer on some. Each area rug is knotted in sturdy Persian knots on a robust cotton base. Traditionally, these carpets will have blue weft threads. They are large carpets, made to fill an entire room. They are heirloom pieces and will stand the passage of time easily. Indo-Sarouks are Sarouk area rugs that have been made in India. They are made to the same exacting standards of quality as the Iranian made rugs. They use the same knotting style and soft but durable wool. Most importantly, they use the same beautiful Iranian designs in each rug.

Indian weavers offer Sarouk designs from over the centuries. This vast selection of time honored designs ensures that you will find the perfect one for your home. In just about imaginable fashion, these rugs are indistinguishable from the much more expensive Iranian Sarouk rugs. They are a thrifty way to enjoy a timeless pleasure.