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How To Layer Rugs
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layered-rugs-2Just as one layers clothing, rugs can be layered in attractive combinations, as well.Yes, it s quite possible now. There have been many new techniques invented to layer the modern rugs in your home.

You may mix and match them as well as produce the instant interest in the new trends, which will attract your eyes all the time you look at the rugs. Some of the ways are explained here for how you can layer your rugs.

Firstly, when you are seriously in love with your Persian rug, but it seems not to cover the whole area that you need it to, then it is the proper time to layer it. For this, you need to stick a simple rug of natural material, which could be seagrass, jute, or rattan, for shielding the difference.

It is a painful thing to replace wall-to-wall carpet. On the other hand, substituting the rug with another is a far easier option. The rooms that are prone to the random stains and tinges might need an extra rug for preventing the stains sticking to the carpet. They could also cover the already existing stains.

An extra rug could also be used in the heavily trafficked sections, play areas, and beneath the dinning tables, where a buffer rug over permanent wall-to-wall carpet could protect it from stains.

You must also create the contrast, as most of the furniture in your room will be hidden after a similar type of carpet is placed above. This means that a rug on top of the carpet will come over every attractive thing in your room.

Hide is another great source for layering, because hides are thin and they cannot be easily slipped from the edges. Additionally, they come in many cool shapes. They can also bring a very pleasant textural element to your room.

While layering, you may also observe that the two hides can make one rug of normal size. Normally, hide of brown color contrasts with the neutral sofa and chairs and it picks up on the fireplace edges and the armchair.

You must look for the sheepskin. This will offer you an extra amount of warmth. You may then layer the small sheepskin on the floor s patch. The size of these sheepskins also makes them perfect for moving and layering with much more convenience.

It is a very tricky thing when you layer rugs with divergent patterns, so stick to similar styles of rugs to streamline the ease of pairing.