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How to Instantly Warm Up Your Home
area rugs

Medallion Rug Gallery - Area RugsWearing four sweaters and a hat in your home to prevent from turning the heat on is not a favorable trend. Weaving in a classic area rug is. A good rug has more functions than a role of duct tape. It will instantly inject style to a room, brighten up a space, protect floors and feel as soft to the feet as the lining of an Ugg boot.


Before settling on a rug evaluate the space, particularly the dimensions, wall color, existing furniture, lighting and style. While your taste may be modern or vintage, anything with quality will add richness to a room. Also consider if you want the rug to make an impact, which can be achieved with rugs in bold prints and colors. Add a subtle element to a room with a rug made in soft colors and a subtle design.


If you live in a rental or are not ready for a remodel due to unappealing floors, rugs are the simplest way to cover up unattractive areas. While beautiful hardwood floors are lovely on their own, the addition of an area rug further enhances a floor s beauty in the manner of a scarf tied against a sweater.


The accompanying pieces in a room must work together thus connect your rug with the furnishings through a shared color or style. This attention will pull off a styled look that is both comfortable and sophisticated.


Area Rugs: What they Achieve

  • Delineate a room s space
  • Add comfort through texture and color
  • Brighten a room
  • Update a room s design
  • Heirloom piece that endures any fickle style trends



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