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How to Calculate Rug Price Per Square Foot
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BlueprintAnything you buy has a comparative price. When compared to another comparable item of similar fibers, age, region or town of origin and the same coloring with a similar design, is it priced relatively the same or significantly more per square foot? If so, you may prefer to select the rug with the lesser price per square foot.

The Equation for Calculating Per Square Foot Price

Rug Price/Square Footage = Per Square Foot Price is the formula needed to calculate the price. Among the many Persian rugs, one that cost $17,988 and measures 14 feet x 19 feet has a total square footage of 266 square feet ( 14 x 19=266; this formula for calculating square footage works perfectly for rectangular and square rugs). To calculate the rugs cost per square feet divide 266 into 17,988 which equals $67.62. By comparing the price of $67.62 to the other rug s square foot price, you'll find the better bargain.

Calculating Square Footage for Odd Shaped Rugs

It is slightly harder to calculate the actual square footage of round rugs, but the formula for determining the price per square foot is the same (divide Price by square feet). To determine the square footage, measure the rug's circumference. Divide that number by 2 to get the rug's radius. You'll need to use some of that high school math you learned. Remember PI=3.1416? Multiply the radius by PI and this will tell you the square footage of the round rug. A rug that has a circumference of 10 feet has a radius of 5 feet. To calculate the square feet multiply 5 x 3.1416=15.708 or rounded off to $15.71. The price of the rug is still $17,988 divided by 15.71= 1145. The cost is $1145 per square foot. This same formula will give you an approximate square footage of an octagon area rug as well.

Square Footage Measurements Makes Space Allocation Less Complicated

The other use for obtaining square footage is to know in advance if the rug's size is appropriate for the space where it will be used. Decorators especially, work with measurements, often buying online rugs, to meet their decorating deadlines. It s easier to determine that two 300 square foot Tibetan rugs are needed in a 1000 square foot room with 2 seating areas, than to have no measurements for the room and try to determine what size rugs are needed for the 2 areas.

Knowing the square footage simply makes decorating far less stressful. You can manage both your budget and your spatial utilization better. Whether buying a Turkish rug, Chinese rugs or European rugs, calculate the square footage of your purchase. It will make the decorating process easier and less stressful.