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Gabbeh Rugs
area rugs

gabbehGabbeh rugs are typically woven by nomadic women living in southern Iran using horizontal looms that they disassemble for traveling. The rug makers manufacture the dyes from hand-gathered local plants using traditional recipes passed down for generations. They spin and card wool from their own sheep. The deep, rich hues are not monochromatic, but have slight variations in color which add immensely to their appeal.

The pile of the simplest Gabbeh area rugs is plush and very thick. The feel is so luxurious that you want to walk barefoot on this rug. These tribal designs are normally strong geometrics, sometimes with childlike drawings of people or animals, beautifully showcasing contemporary furnishings and artwork. The colors are bright and fresh. Each area rug is a unique work of art reflecting the heart and soul of the creator.

Amalehbaft Gabbeh has a tighter weave and shorter pile than the basic Gabbeh. Uncomplicated abstract geometric patterns add color and warmth to the room without becoming a distraction. These contemporary rugs radiate a pleasing, friendly style that meshes well with an uncluttered appearance.

Kashkoli Gabbeh is finely woven with a short pile. Many of these are monochromatic, but the variations in shade caused by the organic dyes impart an incredible patina. The simplicity of the Kashkoli handmade rug functions very well in an office setting or study.

The Luribaft Gabbeh is similar to the Kashkoli in that it possesses a fine weave, soft, short pile and rich sheen. However, the sophisticated design elements of the Luribaft are derived from traditional Persian rugs. These designs are intricate and detailed, blending well with traditional or period furnishings.

There are also flat-woven Gabbeh rugs. Gabbeh Sumak area rugs incorporate brightly colored, geometric ethnic designs. These rugs are often less expensive than other types and work well in many areas of the home. Baluch Sumak offer more muted tones and very detailed tribal patterns.

Gabbeh handmade wool rugs possess both sophistication and naivete. The artisans who create these contemporary rugs impart a charm that can t be duplicated by a machine-made rug. Many Gabbehs have a cheerful quality that makes you smile when you see them. This is particularly welcome when you wish to create a refuge from the stresses of modern life. An added benefit to Gabbehs, whichever style you choose, is that these Persian rugs will generally increase in value.