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Expressing The Eclectic Inner You
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2013-transitional-living-room-decorating-ideas-by-Andrea-Schumacher-8Eclectic style is a way of decorating a room by gathering together many different styles and looks into one. It sounds easy, but how do you keep the look of the room from being overwhelmed by the sheer number of different styles, textures, colors and patterns?

First and foremost, choose your furniture wisely. Even though you are using different styles, they ought to coordinate in some way. Look for designs that harmonize with one another instead of clashing with each other. Pick a neutral color on the wall or floor to pull the designs together into one theme. A large trendy area rug placed under different pieces of furniture can be an effective way of tying them together.

Think about a mosaic. A mosaic contains many different pictures. It may also contain words, different colors and textures and other things the author feels fit with the main theme. It is pulled together by the expression of the main theme, and is usually placed against a neutral background. That is the eclectic look in a nutshell.

Don't crowd the room with too much of a good thing. Eclectic style is an expression of you, but you don't want the room to feel overbearing or disorganized. Too much furniture is still too much furniture, even if it fits within a pattern. The overall theme will be lost if all you can see is the massive number of parts, instead of the design as a whole. Meticulously plan areas of uncrowded space within the room that allow the viewer to breathe.

Area rugs can be an interesting part of your eclectic style, and can be changed out when you want to change the overall look of the room. Match or harmonize area rugs with the pattern of window treatments in the room to pull together a theme.

Since an eclectic look consists of different elements, don't feel that you have to outfit the entire room at once. A much better idea is to get a basic plan started, and accessorize as you go along. This gives you time to consider whether a piece you are looking at will fit with the whole.

Since the rules for eclectic style are few, you have a lot of freedom to express yourself to others, and a lot of options for how to coordinate different elements into your grand design. Let your creativity flow.