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Do Not Forget Your Area Rug
area rugs

ggDo you believe area rugs are a non-functional piece that you can survive without? Think again. Every room, especially those with hardwood flooring, needs an area rug. Although decoration is significant to produce a warm and inviting space; area rugs also are used for warmth of temperature. If you possess a fireplace or a fireplace heater, there is nothing more humbling and relaxing than a nice fire and the appeal of an area rug. Unwind with a pleasant view.

For decoration, rugs assist in transforming the overall ambiance of the room they are inside. You can take a barren floor and turn this space into an attractive, cozy retreat. A decorator can bring in diverse accent pieces and position them in strategic places throughout the room, except the room will be nothing without an area rug to tie it all together.

As for functionality, rugs are not just for beautification or for wiping soiled shoes on, they have purpose. So, before the uptight partner in your life says you don t need one; gently remind them that you do for the purpose of floor protection. Rugs in high traffic areas cut down on scratches and help keep the floor looking fresh.
They are also able to help by adding warmth. Think back to the most recent chilly day that you are able to remember. Do you remember walking on that freezing floor with your bare feet? It produces an uncomfortable sensation that could be avoided by just adding an area rug. Beautiful, functional, and they help save you money on buffing that gorgeous hardwood floor of yours.

Back to the dirty shoe aspect; would you rather have a rug that can catch all that outside filth or have it spread throughout your home? Rugs that are placed in high traffic areas assist in cutting down on the nasty debris from the outside and promote a cleaner home. Dust that is carried in on shoes will create an unclean floor and environment. The dust will be swooped into the air and land on everything that you possess. Those with asthma or just desire a cleaner home need to utilize the functionality of area rugs to maintain their home in the upmost cleanliness state.