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Designing with Bessarabian Rugs
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Bessarabian rugs are rugs crafted primarily in an Eastern European region bordering Russia. These types of rugs are very admired for their use of intricate detail, high quality and elegant design. A Bessarabian rug can add color and life to any home. When designing with Bessarabian rugs, carefully consider the overall design of your house as well as the dominant colors used in your decorating plan.

A Bessarabian rug is usually a fairly large rug that can serve as the perfect focal point in any room. Smaller Bessarabian rugs are available. A smaller rug can add a delightful splash of color that can liven up a room that might otherwise lack detail and character.

When purchasing this type of rug, look for rugs that have a plush feel to the touch. This type of rug should feel solid when you run your fingers over it, without gaps in the weave. Look as well for vivid colors and repeating patterns. Some Bessarabian rugs are designed around a center motif with a small repeating pattern at the edge. Others have large scale motifs along much of the rug with a background in a neutral color. The type of Bessarabian rug you should choose depends on the type of the effect you want to achieve.

A larger rug with an eye-catching pattern is ideal in room with bold colors and large furniture. The richness of the rug will does well with the rest of the rest of the furniture in the room. If you decide on this type of decorating scheme, think about keeping the walls a neutral color such as a light brown or a slightly off white. This will let the furniture shine and not overwhelm anyone sitting in the room with too much pattern and light.

A smaller rug with an equally vivid color scheme is ideal in a small room such as a guest room or library. The pattern helps to add a sense of movement and detail in a space that might otherwise feel uninviting. Rooms that are not used as frequently are also an ideal space where one can use a more high end Bessarabian rug. Guests and homeowners can admire the beauty of the piece.

Purchase Bessarabian rugs with confidence. These types of rugs are widely respected, classic designs that will help any space feel brighter and more comfortable.