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Decorating with Striped Rugs
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2Some decorators are afraid of using striped rugs in their design schemes. They think that it is too easy for striped rugs to clash with other parts of the d cor. While it is true that decorators need to be careful about how they use striped rugs, they can make for a very nice compliment to a room s look. Here are some tips for using rugs with stripes as part of your interior decorating.

Matching the Color Palette

A key to correctly using striped rugs is to match them well with the room s color palette. One of the ways that striped rugs work best is when they are used in rooms that have a two-toned color scheme. In that case, it is very easy to match the room s color palette. Simply use a striped rug that features the room s two colors.For rooms that have several colors in the design, it is important to focus on a couple of the main colors used. It can be more difficult when trying to use a rug with stripes in a multi-colored room. Make sure to avoid using a rug that has colors that clash with any of the colors use in the room.


Arguably the best way to use striped rugs is to lay them out in a long hallway. They will look great and add a lot of depth and charm to hallways, which can be a little boring on their own. However, be careful not to lay the stripes out vertically in a hallway, which can be disorienting. Make sure that the stripes are horizontally aligned to the hallway.

Match the Rug with Other Stripes

If you want to use a striped rug in a room, one of the best ways to fit it in to the design scheme is to subtly match the stripes in other areas of the room. For example, many decorators may wish to use a striped rug in a living room. In this case, striped pillows could be used on the couch. This will reinforce the striped rug and make for a more harmonious design.

Follow these tips to correctly use rugs with stripes. Always make sure to think about how the stripes will fit in with a room s overall look. Be sure to avoid clashing colors at all costs. Also, avoid mixing stripes with other designs like polka dots or plaid. If you follow these steps, you will be able to use striped rugs to add beauty to your design.