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Dealing With Mold And Dry Rot In Rugs
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2-RC-dry-rot-moisture-mildew-2-300x210Since rugs are typically kept on the floor, except in the case of those that are hung on walls, they can become dirty very quickly. Because of this, they do need to be laundered. When laundering a rug, it is very important that the rug is thoroughly dry before it is laid down on the floor again.

Rugs, including those on walls, should be checked for mold and dry rot periodically on the underside of the rug. This is the side that comes in contact with condensation more often than the top of the rug. Just because a rug looks fine on the top of it does not mean it has no damage on the underside. A rug should be checked more often than it is laundered, of course, and checking does not take much time, but can save a lot of aggravation later. The sooner a problem is noticed, the sooner it can be taken care of.

When a rug becomes wet due to condensation or something being spilled on it, the rug should be wiped as dry as possible, and then moved outside to be exposed to the sun until completely dry. Exposure to the sun can kill any mold spores in a rug, preventing mold from growing and causing dry rot. Rugs should not be placed near sources of water, including plants that require watering and doorways to the exterior, garage, or to the kitchen or bathroom. If mold is found on a rug, wipe it down with only the suds from soapy water, not any of the water itself, then wipe the suds off. If this does not work, a solution of half alcohol and half water can be used to kill the mold spores. Allow to dry thoroughly, as water is in the solution.

Preventing mold is important not just for your rug, but also for you and your family's health. If you cannot get the mold out of your rug, experts recommend disposing of the item, but if you cannot bear to do this, there are rug restoration experts who can handle the task of cleaning and also of repairing your rug. You need to compare the costs of repair and of possible future repairs needing to be done with obtaining a replacement. Another option is resizing services, where the damaged pieces are removed, creating another rug or even matching rugs of smaller sizes.