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Creating a balance between traditional rugs and modern spaces.
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antique rug, modern roomTraditional rugs are a great way to add culture and history to any room. Some may think that a modern designed room will clash with a traditional rug. This is not true; a traditional rug is able to work in a modern room because of its colors and shapes. To make a traditional rug coordinate with a modern room, there are few techniques to remember.

A traditional rug may have a variety of colors and shapes. Instead of focusing on the many shapes and colors within the rug, try to get an understanding of the palette or color scheme of the rug. Almost every rug has a color scheme to which it was designed. Understanding the color scheme will help to connect the modern room to the traditional rug. This will allow the two concepts to harmonize instead of clashing with one another.

If the color scheme of the modern room is neutral, a bold or bright color would be a great way to add a bit of personality or spark. The neutral color scheme of the room will be accented by the bold and bright colors in the traditional rug, creating synchronization between today and yesterday.

The shapes within the traditional rug can also be used to the advantage of the decorator. Shapes have the ability to add balance to a room. A traditional rug that has symmetrical geometry is able to do just that.

Traditional rugs are also great for white rooms. They add a touch of pizzazz without causing the room to look cluttered or overly decorated. White is a beautiful color that can be accented by adding a traditional rug with a floral or shape design.

Colors schemes and shapes are important design factors to focus on when choosing the best rug for a modern room. Also remember that soft colors in a traditional rug work great with a bold color scheme of a modern room and vice versa.

Modern and traditional styles are able to complement one another instead of causing confusion. The colors and shapes of each design type are able to blend in with each other. Understanding how to join these two styles can help to turn any room into a beautiful balance of the past and present.