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Choosing the Perfect Area Rug
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or95bb1Choosing an area rug for your floor is one of the most important steps in interior design. There are so many styles of rugs to choose from that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Determining the style or theme you want to see in your room before you get started will save you an enormous amount of time and aggravation. If you re not really sure which design you wish to go with, you could do things backwards and pick out your area rugs first.

Area rugs make a huge statement in any given room. Some of the handmade rugs are so inspiring that you could build the rest of your d cor around the patterns you find on them. Plush silk blend and wool rugs come in different sizes, styles and colors. They compliment hard wood floors and carpeting. When you re seeking decorating direction, they can really show you where to go.

If you have a taste for vintage, shopping around for antique rugs is a great place to start. Antique rugs are usually handcrafted, imported, and embroidered with elaborate designs. These designs can be tribal, floral, or abstract. Remember that a busy patterned rug usually looks better when paired with simplistic furniture. If you plan on purchasing furniture with busy patterns and colors, you would be better off perusing modern rugs and contemporary rugs.

If you re more of a modern furniture lover, you have a choice. You can opt for modern rugs that match your interior tastes, or you can choose amongst european rugs, persian rugs, and Chinese rugs to achieve a bolder look. Contemporary is about as modern as you can get, so a revolutionary blended rug that combines silk with wool might be the best option of all.

Blended rugs are easy to care for due to their innovative combination design. A cool room with sleek, clean rugs will compliment any chosen style of d cor from contemporary to vintage to traditional. Even if you just want to spice up an already decorated room in your house, a carefully chosen area rug will definitely do the trick. Bare walls can sometimes make a room look spacious. Bare floors, on the other hand, make a room look uncared for. Once you ve decided on the rug of your choice, the rest of the decorating will be made easy.