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Choosing an Area Rug - Size and Shape
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living room rugsDesigners have always known that adding an area rug transforms a room or a space. As the trend in hard flooring continues to increase, area rugs make any interior feel warm and welcoming. They instantly add color, elegance, and texture that reflect the homeowner s unique taste and style. Traditional and contemporary rugs are both popular right now. Following are some general guidelines from designers about using the size and shape of area rugs to decorate your home.

Room sized interior rugs should not completely cover the floor. Many designers suggest leaving a floor border of nine to 12 inches from the baseboard, although some suggest as much as two feet.

Decorators often use two or more area rugs to define separate areas in large rooms. Rugs should complement and harmonize together in the overall room design, while delineating alternative use spaces. Rugs work well to designate a living room area from the dining room, or a conversation area from a play area.

For living rooms, most designers agree that the size of the rug should be slightly smaller than the area covered by the furniture allowing the front two legs of couches or chairs to cover the rug edges. The inner area becomes an intimate meeting place and the flooring around the rug promotes a flow to the room. With smaller rugs, the furniture should be arranged so that all furniture legs are off the rug. A good rule of thumb is to have all furniture legs on or all furniture legs off.

Because area rugs come in all shapes and sizes, there is one that will fit every space in the home. Many designers advise that the shape of the area rug should be determined by the furniture and the size of the room. For dining room rugs, the shape of the table is often the determining factor for the shape of the rug. For a long, rectangular table, look for a long, rectangular rug; for square, buy a square, hexagonal, or octagon area rug; and for round table, round rugs. The right sized dining room rug will allow enough space to pull out the chairs. The recommendations are to add four feet to both the length and the width of the table before purchasing the rug.

Rugs that are placed in the bedroom, under the bed, will not add to the d cor if they do not extend beyond the edges of the bed. For large beds the recommendation is at least 18 inches and for twin beds, the rug should extend outside the bed for at least a foot. Rug extensions can be larger depending on the size of the room.