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Chinese Oriental Rugs and Knockoffs
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ORI ShowroomOriental rugs have been prized possessions for centuries. Status symbols that were brought at a great deal of risk from the far East on merchant vessels, these rugs are still popular today. Fortunately, while the rugs are just as beautiful now as they were in centuries past, they are significantly less expensive thanks to modern machinery and the costs of transportation. If customers want authentic Oriental rugs, all they have to do is find a responsible, respectable dealer in area rugs. A dealer like Medallion Rugs.

What to Look For in a Dealer

Area rug dealers need to display certain qualities. For instance, a good rug merchant needs to have the best product available on the market. The rugs a merchant has should be attractive, durable, and they should come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. In addition to the rugs a merchant offers though, the merchant itself should provide good customer service and clear, easy to understand sales policies. Merchants who ensure customer satisfaction, even if they don't have access to the most exotic rugs, tend to grow their business steadily.

Knockoffs and Imitations

When it comes to Chinese Oriental rugs there's a lot of potential for customers to overpay for a knockoff or an imitation. That's why customers need to do their homework and be sure they don't go home with something that isn't the genuine article. Asking for papers on where the rug came from, and checking it for any obvious signs such as the wrong patterns, the wrong backing, or a label that says "Made in Mexico" are all standard procedure when buying an Oriental rug.

In addition to checking to make sure one is buying a bona fide article though, it's a good idea to check and be sure that the merchant has a return policy. Whether a particular rug turns out to be a fake, the colors and pattern are different than they looked in the catalog, or it just doesn't fit in the customer's living space, it's important to know that the buyer isn't stuck with something that doesn't fit their needs. While it's not a good idea to skimp on measuring and researching precisely what kind of rug one wants, it's important to know that a merchant provides a safety net in the event that the purchased product simply doesn't measure up to the customer's standards once they receive it.