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Asymmetrical Rug Designs
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area-rug-room-scene-2The most important thing in the interior of a home is to select the proper rugs. Asymmetrical rug designs enhance specific areas in the home; and are especially nice. To walk into a brand new home and select the interior rugs, that look nice and give the home an inviting appeal becomes exciting. For example, the kitchen floor needs tile or carpet. Choosing the carpet will blend the color scheme to match the counter tops, the wood in the cabinets and the color on the walls and ceiling. If the carpet is placed in a small area, a high grade of indoor/outdoor carpeting may be used. If tile or linoleum are used, a large selection of area rugs are available. For example, a greystone enhances the colors easily by a blend of colors to brighten the room and allows the colors to give the atmosphere a warm feeling.

Interior rugs can enhance a room to the point of changing the drab atmosphere from grays to a mixture of colors, such as hues of many colors. Aqua, yellow, and green in a floral interior rug design enhances a kitchen that is decorated in greystone flooring and counter tops. Or, a nice deep navy blue would be nice on greystone tile inside the door to the garage. The interior rug in the kitchen provides a guest a place to take off shoes, admire the decor, and provides a cover for the tile.

The carpet in the living room, the hallway, and the bedrooms; provide earth tones such as grays or browns; and the interior designer is at liberty to add color. An interior rug decorated with a large rose with colors of light and dark pink, white, and magenta; for example, provides a convenient place to remove shoes when entering. This interior rug provides protection from the tile, and an inviting place for guests arriving inside the home.

Asymmetrical rug designs add atmosphere to the bathrooms, and blend well together with the decor. When the bathroom shower has a Hawaiian scene, picking a color from the shower curtain and matching the color, draws one into the color scheme. If the shower curtain has blues and greens, an interior rug with only one color of blue or green enhances the entire design in the bathroom, because it matches the color to the shower curtain, and the atmosphere creates itself.