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Area rugs for home comfort
area rugs

Formal-and-Warm-Living-Room-with-Area-RugsOver the decades many fads and fashions in interior design have come and gone, from fussy Victorian interiors to stark Scandinavian minimalism. But certain basic elements of style always remain. Natural shapes and materials, classical designs, and a basic human need for warmth and comfort, all endure and are ultimately what change a house into home.

Mere walls, floors and ceilings only make a structure, not a home. And despite everyone's wishlists of flatscreens and fancy appliances, the objects we interact with the most are far more basic and necessary for building the nest around ourselves. Things like area rugs, bright curtains, and welcoming bedding, contribute more towards our daily comfort than any soon to be obsolete piece of electronics.

Our basic sensory desires bring us back time and again from cold, faddish modernities of cold metal and sharp corners to the more appealing luxuries of natural materials and friendly textures. When the plastic of our electronics seems to be always in our hand, and our days are spent looking at glowing pixels in quartz displays, there is nothing better than feeling the satisfying touch of silk or cotton underfoot.

Rugs turn cold surfaces into welcoming thresholds, they quiet the harsh tapping of heels and provide inviting surfaces in intricate designs old and new. Children can trace the curlicues of ancient exotic patterns, adults can curl their bare toes under the table or in front of the roaring fire.

An area rug is also one of the easiest ways to add a bold splash of color or an eye-catching design into a room without overwhelming the senses, and with the freedom to move it with the seasons. A quick change can transform the entire character of a room, and stylish floors are achievable with a minimum of effort.