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Area Rug Do's and Dont's
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Tips-for-Buying-Oriental-RugsArea rugs are an excellent investment to enhance and complement any room space and d cor, or even as a collector s item. Before purchasing any style area rug, there are some do s and dont's to take into consideration.

The first two aspects are the size and placement of the rug. Make sure the area rug is an ample size for the area it will be used. For a living room area, make sure the rug encompasses the major furniture and allow an equal amount of floor space along the perimeter rugs. In walking areas, do make sure the rug is large enough to cover the entire space and both feet remain on the rug surface to ensure comfort and safety. Do make sure rugs in a dining room area cover the entire floor when chairs are under the table or when pulled out. Bedroom area rugs should spread 12-18 inches from the bed. Whether you are purchasing contemporary rugs to complement upholstered furniture or traditional rugs for hallways, don t compromise on the rug size. If the rug is too small, the design effect will suffer. Do consider how the size can negatively or positively impact the overall purpose and appeal of the space.

Rug placement is an essential key when decorating. Do choose interior rugs that will define and complement the space. Don t make the mistake of placing an expensive area rug in a highly trafficked area. The rug is more susceptible to accidents and spills. Wool rugs are the optimal choice for this type of area. Handmade rugs, round rugs and contemporary rugs are ideal for living room areas. Do choose colors and patterns that will bring vibrancy to the decorated space.

Cleaning and caring for area rugs is also important. You do want to provide proper care and maintenance to extend the rug life and make the purchase worthwhile. Don t use the same harsh chemicals or cleaning agents used to clean regular carpet. Do seek professional rug cleaning services as needed and abide by the suggested care and instructions provided for the particular type of area rug purchased.
As with any major purchase, you want to get the most for your money and make sure it is being used as intended. Area rugs are no different. They are excellent in accentuating any room space and provide the perfect balance to showcase any room d cor.