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About Bokhara Rugs
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Bokhara-Gold1Bukhara is located in Central Asia. The carpets produced by the renowned tribe in Bokhara, named as Tekke, are famously known as Bokhara rugs. These rugs are mainly produced in Pakistan and Central Asia.

Other than these two, Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Turkey are also famous for producing rugs. The Pakistani made Bokharas are famous all over the world for their high quality and distinct patterns. These rugs are exclusively made with hand by the Pakistani artisans by primarily using local wool on a cotton base.

These rugs are normally profusely loaded and therefore are very durable and soft. There are also other quality grades in which these rugs are available, which depends on the materials that are used for making them.

There are many colors and shades in which these rugs are produced. The highest quality Bokhara rugs normally contain about 240+ knots per square inch using a conventional design created from the synthetic dye or vegetable.

Most of the Central Asian Bokhara rugs are produced using maroon, rust, and red tones. Double knot pattern with more complicated designs than the rugs produced in Pakistani Bokhara are used in Central Asian Bokhara rugs.

Delicacy and longevity are the two traits for which these rugs are primarily famous around the globe. Additionally, uniquely produced Balochi and Afghan Bukharas are also well known in most of the western countries.

Using the special knot or the senneh knot that is very tightly tied creates afghani Bokharas. Silk, wool, and cotton are three bases in which these rugs are produced.
There are many sophisticated colors, e.g. gold, rose, blue, beige, and red, in which these rugs are produced. The Persian and Turkomen craftsmen work basically inspired the making of Pakistani Bokharas.

Many other artisans belonging to the Muslim areas also influenced different patterns and designs in making of Pakistani rugs later on. Normally, the people prefer to use the 100% wool carpets and they do realize that it is not better produced anywhere else than in Pakistan.

These Bokhara rugs are appropriate for all kinds of interior decorations. They are mainly used to place in hallways and bedrooms. Repetitive geometrical patterns after every few inches are extensively found in these rugs.

Lastly, these rugs are also produced in navy, ivory, and peach colors, other than the traditional rust and red tones. And the wool used in these rugs is mostly imported from New Zealand.