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A Few Tips on Some General Types of Rugs
area rugs

Handmade-Silk-Persian-Carpet-font-b-Kids-b-font-room-font-b-rugs-b-font-persianGenerally, unless you want your rug s pattern to stand out, area rugs should be large enough to be able to slide under the table legs and/or the front legs of the chairs in the seating arrangement. On the contrary, if you plant all four of the legs of the chairs on the rug, it can make the room look more pulled together . The main purpose of an area rug is to make the furniture appear united so that it doesn t look as if it s sitting on its own separate space. A couple of factors to determine before deciding on the size of the area rug is the measurements of the floor and the overall color scheme of the room.

About Oriental Rugs

Oriental Rugs, including Chinese Rugs are generally handmade with or without pile (the raised surface of the fabric made of loops or yarn strands). If this is the sort of rug you want for the room in question, it is generally recommended to build your room s design and color scheme around it as the odds are that the rug will outlast most everything else in that room. If you are not starting from scratch, it is recommended that you try out some sample rug designs to see which one will work best for your room. It is also better to stick with the personality of the rug rather than its design s origin.

About Wool Rugs

There s no substituting for the warmth, comfort and natural feel of wool. They are easy to clean and maintain as they are stain and dirt resistant and also flame-hindering. For the very latter reason alone, they are often the top choice for casinos and airports. Wool is also slow to wear, is renewable and resistant to temperature.

About Handmade Rugs

This is an ancient tradition that dates back at least 3,000 years. Choosing the right handmade rug for you and/or your family can be overwhelming but in the end, it will be worth it because these also make good heirlooms throughout several generations. Just make sure it lies flat and straight, is customary in its shape, that its colors are in balance and don t look faded or bled out. Caution: there is a concern about the child labor in the rug industry so make sure that your rug dealer is someone who is passionate about their work without being pushy.